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Hello dear reader !

We are a team of two young doctors, each with experience gained since college and we set off on a journey that would not meet hundreds, maybe even thousands of suffering animals. From 2013 until now, we have treated with the same passion stray animals, but also purebred animals , we have initiated sterilization and adoption campaigns and we have fostered a lot of cute quadrupeds in our practice. We do this because we love animals and we believe that the world can only become a better place when we take care of all the beings around us. Because we want to help you, we offer veterinary services at home or, if necessary, we transport your non-speaking friend to the office and bring him home when he is well. It's amazing how everything works when you set priorities and do what's in your power for your dream. This is also the story of Eris Vet: made of constant care for animals, our veterinary practice appeared as a natural consequence of the desire to help as many souls as possible. We started from scratch, slowly but with unwavering ambition, and that made every day give us new reasons to continue. Together we started a business that would change our lives, and, for the few hundred animals we cared for during the 8 years of activity. We took the first step since college, when our roads had not yet intersected. We started to gain knowledge in various contexts: we worked with livestock animals and we accumulated years of volunteering in the vet practices in Iași and at the Municipal Dog Shelter. The year 2012 would find us both with over 7 years of practical experience, and this helped us to establish a common ideal. The year 2012 is also the year we met. A year later, in 2013, we decided to become partners in business, and in life, so we opened our own veterinary practice. We created a space of our own, outside the city and the daily hustle and bustle that characterizes it, a space that would become "home" for many, many nice quadrupeds. Our experience results from the successful treatment of animals, from dogs and cats, to horses, cows, pigs, poultry, to hedgehogs, hamsters, storks, owls, ostriches, even camels and elephants. Currently, the cases that end up in our office are generally small animals, but that does not mean that we are not willing to help the rest of the animals. We treat with kindness and dedication any animal that steps on our doorstep or whose owner calls us home. We treat even those who have not had the opportunity to enjoy a master and we look for a warm home and a soul to take care of them. In 2017, a new project was launched in order to save more animals, namely the Save our Paws Association. This is an NGO through which we can do more good. We are trying to develop it, to affiliate more supporters and to carry out more projects. In 2020 we have moved to a larger office that offers more opportunities to take care of injured or abused animals. We save dogs from people´s yards from the chain or on the side of the street in the ditch, we offer them care and we give them for adoption later. We do the same with stray cats.